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Kate Wood
Board Member

Kate is an experienced corporate wellbeing professional, currently leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness at EY for Asia Pacific Financial Services. Kate has over 10 years of experience in financial services across EY and HSBC, where she led teams across risk and legal and also founded an employee resource group promoting mental and physical health, disability and caregiving awareness and inclusion.

Kate has a keen interest in supporting community partners and has previously sat on the board of Hong Kong Scottish Rugby Club, alongside leading their senior and junior netball and lacrosse sections – and Kate has also worked at The Mekong Club and been an active supporter of The Nesbitt Centre and Love 21, tying into her work around DE&I in Hong Kong and wider Asia Pacific.

Aside from her work in the corporate arena, Kate is a qualified personal trainer with a speciality in pre and post-natal. Kate is a mental health first aider and a community mental health advocate inspired by her own experience with mental health.

Kate also has a keen interest in the link between mental and physical health and performance at work, often elevating women’s health at work to contribute to an equitable workplace. Kate is passionate about sports and alongside her role leading one of Hong Kong’s top premiership netball clubs, Kate enjoys strength training, running and muay thai, wherever possible bringing her 2 year old daughter, CJ with her to inspire an interest and investment in physical and mental exercise from a young age.

Kate is originally from the UK however has lived in Hong Kong for 12 years along with her husband Rory, daughter CJ and miniature dachshund, Beau.

Through sport I developed or at the very least helped hone my skills in business. I believe given the right sporting opportunities we can also create our future leaders. Team work, grit, pushing through challenging situations and mentoring all relate to sport as much as they do the boardroom.