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Nico Boulay
Board Member

Nico is a dynamic sales leader, with a proven track record spanning equity markets in APAC and Europe, working with top-tier organisations including Société Générale, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. He is a seasoned and passionate professional, who held multiple sales management roles, survived, and thrived in the face of market challenges and an ever-changing environment. Nico brings a strong strategic mindset, a client-centric and sustainable business approach, a deep product understanding and an inclusive team-oriented management style.

Nico’s interests go much wider than the financial markets space and he remains an avid learner, having attained multiple certifications notably in the fitness and wine sectors. He’s fascinated with the idea of resilience and the various ways to deal with life’s challenges, using daily sport practice as the central building block to develop one own’s balance and purpose.

Through sport I developed or at the very least helped hone my skills in business. I believe given the right sporting opportunities we can also create our future leaders. Team work, grit, pushing through challenging situations and mentoring all relate to sport as much as they do the boardroom.