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We’re launching “Sports Matters!”“Sports Matters! 運動資訊” 準備就緒!

We are extremely excited to announce we will be launching our Sports Matter!* initiative on 18 April 2017.

Sports Matter! is WISE HK’s initiative to build awareness for and educate all why sports matter to women and girls.

As part of Sports Matter!, we are initiating an interview series of women and girls in sports in Hong Kong. We want to raise their visibility because we know so many of them are doing awesome things: multi-taskers juggling work, family and sports, challenging themselves daily and weekly, learning through the process and making an impact on those around them.

Going forward starting on 18 April, every Tuesday we will be profiling one woman or girl in sports in Hong Kong, asking them to share what and how sports have brought meaning to them. Stay tuned!

*Our other initiatives under Sports Matter! include:

  • Hosting events such as talks to advocate how sports teach crucial personal and professional skills
  • Sparking healthy discussions of gender equality, gender stereotypes and diversity through the lens of sports
  • Researching to understand the attitudes of women and girls towards sports in Hong Kong

We want to help everyone in Hong Kong understand that sports play a crucial part in building the various life skills that enable us to be empowered and fulfilled. Through sports, we want to advance our women and girls’ impact.[:zh]我們非常興奮地宣布— 「Sports Matter 運動資訊!」將於2017年4月18日推出!

Sports Matter! 是WISE HK 所發起的一個項目,目的是為了培養女士的運動意識及教導運動對女士的重要性。

在Sports Matter! 中,我們會與香港體壇內的女子運動員進行一系列的訪談。她們處事能力非常高,能夠「一心多用」,例如一邊應付工作,一邊照顧家人,一邊兼顧體育運動等……她們每天都在挑戰自己,並在過程中學習,用正面的能量去影響他人,因此,我們希望透過Sports Matter!中的訪談讓大眾更認識她們,並從她們身上獲得啟發。


除此之外,Sports Matter! 運動資訊! 還有以下活動,包括:

§ 舉辦講座等活動,宣導運動如何教授重要的個人及專業技能

§ 開設研討會讓大眾就性別平等、性別角色定型及性別多元等議題進行討論

§ 採集及發放有關香港女士對運動的態度的文章


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