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Translating an Athletic Mindset to an Entrepreneurial Mindset — 22 June 2017

We’re hosting our second panel discussion on Thursday 22 June, 630 – 9pm at WeWork Wanchai. This time, we’re looking at the relationship and intersection between a sporting mindset and entrepreneurial mindset!

Join us at “Translating an Athletic Mindset to an Entrepreneurial Mindset” where several accomplished entrepreneurs will be sharing their experiences, perspectives and personal stories of how participating in sports fosters the skills needed for them to start and manage their businesses.


Event Background:
According to a May 2017 Ernst & Young report, “Why female athletes make winning entrepreneurs,” sports prime women athletes to develop five key attributes that contribute to their entrepreneurial success: confidence, single-mindedness, passion, leadership and resilience. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2016: Hong Kong & Shenzhen Report noted that in Hong Kong, “for every female entrepreneur, there were two male early-stage entrepreneurs.” Despite this, women are becoming entrepreneurs at higher rates than men; in fact early-stage entrepreneurial activities among women grew 197%, challenging preconceptions that entrepreneurship is mostly “for men.” So as more women start their businesses, how can sports play a role in nurturing the mindset needed in entrepreneurialism? How does participating in sports translate to success in startups and new ventures?

In “Translating an Athletic Mindset to an Entrepreneurial Mindset,” some themes that may be discussed include (but not limited to):
– Definition of “entrepreneurial mindset”
– Winning attributes of entrepreneurs
– How attributes can become habits and behaviors

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