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Translating an Athletic Mindset to an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Recap

Translating an Athletic Mindset to an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Recap

Thank you to everyone who was there at our event; hope you enjoyed it! Even if you didn’t join us this time, we hope to see you at our next event — which we are aiming for September 2017.

We have photos from the evening up here: goo.gl/BUhkyX

Photo by Polaris Puk

To recap on the evening:

The panelists shared how sports have benefitted them personally:
– Learning to just do it
– Learning to making commitment to doing something and getting into the habit of finishing, i.e., learning not to be a quitter
– Getting comfortable with starting and trying
– Always learning new things all the time; and learning to be a little better tomorrow than today
When it comes to how sports benefits them as entrepreneurs:
– Learning to deal with the “unplanned”: sometimes things happen that were not in your plan, and then you need to readjust and figure out how to finish and get to the end
– Putting one foot in front of the other and making a little progress
– Learning to recover from falls, and learning to adapt to situations and changes
– Baby steps and practice: the more you do it, the more you have the courage to do something
Other things we learned:
– Learning to take care of yourself, especially as an entrepreneur when it can be easy to burnout
– Learning to let go of numbers, performance-driven mindset, and perfectionism
– Learning to take calculated risks
– Learning to push yourself a little more and challenge yourself a little, and also to understand what you can do (and not what society dictates you can do)
– Practice, practice, practice as a team
Photo by Isabelle Mustapic

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