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Recap: Mentor Walks x WISE HK on 20 April 2018

Thank you to all of you who participated as a mentor or mentee at our inaugural mentoring event, “Walk and Talk for Career Success”, organised in collaboration with Mentor Walks! We are so excited to have over 70 women at the event, joined by women from all walks of life, including a delegation from the state of Victoria, Australia!

It was a fun morning of learning, sharing career and life advice and meeting new people — all done over a walk. A fantastic way to start the morning! Studies show that doing some exercise before the work day helps with staying focused for the rest of the day. Hope that was the case! And certainly hope everyone came away feeling inspired and encouraged.

We raised over HK$2000 for:


If you’re interested in more mentoring events, do let us know by emailing us and we’ll try to organise more!

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