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WISE S.H.E. Program 2022 Mentor‘s Testimonials | 2022睿動S.H.E. 師友計劃導師感想

WISE S.H.E. Program 2022 Mentor‘s Testimonials | 2022睿動S.H.E. 師友計劃導師感想

📣On December 2022, we wrapped up our 2022 S.H.E mentoring program. Our mentors highly praised our program. Check out what they feel about the program:

😊One of our mentors expressed that she is so appreciative of the design of the program, from personal to professional/ career level. The sports activities also brought most of the mentors and mentees out of their comfort zone and were beneficial to mindset growth. She commented that the program was fun, inspiring, and meaningful in connecting women from diverse communities. She is delighted to have this opportunity.

🤗Another mentor commented that the program allowed mentors and mentees to grow with peers and she is thankful that WISE provides a place for her to meet people with the same mindset and ways of seeing sports.

😍We are glad to see many mentors think the program is inspirational and energizing.

💝Thank you our mentors for mentoring mentees who are still studying in university and supporting them with career and life advice.

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