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2022 September Fundraising Event: Body Image and Menstruation in Sports Panel Discussion

Start time 2022-09-08
Finished Time 2022-09-08
Address Joint Dynamics, 12/F Dorset House, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Join us on 8 September 2022, an evening all about the empowerment of women and breaking stereotypes and taboos related to body image, menstruation and sport.

You will hear from Hayley Iwaszko, Phoebe Chung, Sakshi Vasudev in a discussion moderated by Jenny Fielding as they share their take on puberty, the common misconceptions about periods in sports as well how we can support girls in a crucial time in their lives.

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來自各個領域的優秀女性,包括Jenny Fielding, Sakshi Vasudev, Hayley Iwaszko 和 Phoebe Chung,將與我們分享她們對青春期的看法、體育界對經期的常見誤解,以及我們如何在女孩生命中的關鍵時期給予支持。