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The Athletic Teams Up With Google To Expand Women’s Sports Coverage – Feb 1

The Athletic Teams Up With Google To Expand Women’s Sports Coverage – Feb 1

Sports media coverage among women sports is much more lagged behind compared to male sports 📺 Recently, there is a new project launching between The Athletic and Google.

“Women athletes deserve to be recognized for their incredible talents and media coverage is an area that has traditionally lacked representation,” said Kate Johnson, director of marketing partnerships and sports media at Google.💪🏻

🏀The Athletic – a digital sports publication is partnering with Google on a multiplatform project. The aim of this project is to support and expand the coverage of women through their additional resources and technology🏦 Google will provide The Athletic with the financial support to hire more journalists, allowing the media organization to increase the volume and variety of its professional women’s basketball and soccer coverage.⚽️

With more national beat writers, more news output will be boosted, and there will be more in-depth features and coverage of international competitions📝 There will also be an effort to increase parity with The Athletic’s coverage of men’s sport, with more attention paid to drafts, training camps and the business of women’s sport📰

Beyond traditional journalism, Google’s support will also allow The Athletic to create more podcasts, newsletters, and social franchises, while its women’s sports team will have access to additional tools to enhance their reporting, deepening engagement across multiple platforms📻

Sebastian Tomich, chief commercial officer at The Athletic said: “Our shared ambition with Google to increase media coverage will lead to even more audience interest and continued growth in women’s sports.”📈

Source: The Athletic teams up with Google to expand women’s sport coverage

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