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NO MAN’S LAND FILM FESTIVAL – Outdoor Adventure Film Screening Fundraiser

Start time 2021-07-11
Finished Time 2021-07-11
Address WLAB Causeway Bay

No Man’s Land Film Festival Expands in Efforts to Un-define Feminine

Kicking off their sixth year of operations, No Man’s Land Film Festival is breaking down national and international borders with their 2021 Virtual Flagship Festival — aimed to become an international voice for those of underrepresented genders in adventure, sport and film, including women, non-binary folks, and trans men.

No Man’s Land Film Festival (NMLFF) is the premier all-women adventure film festival based out of Denver, Colorado and on tour internationally. In its sixth year, No Man’s Land Film Festival has reached audiences in nearly every U.S. state and has breached international borders with events ranging from Canada to Australia. For five years prior, NMLFF has celebrated the full scope of female athletes and adventurers, looking to un-define what it means to be a woman in adventure, sport and film. NMLFF champions women with grit, hustle, determination, and boundless passion, investing them with the respect, support, and media recognition they deserve. Through human collaboration, No Man’s Land strives to continue implementing and inspiring change in the outdoor, sport and film industries, while cultivating a deep interest in exploring the vastness of the planet from a woman’s point of view and other identities outside of the gender binary, including non-binary folks and trans men, as well. The NMLFF mission transcends the films presented, acting as a platform for powerful and progressive movement in the outdoor industry.

With their manifesto: “We are allies. We are sunsets and alpenglow, dangerous riptides and endless singletrack. We are coffee-fueled optimists who may dance-all-night into an alpine start and laugh too loudly at jokes that no one else understands. But we are more than that. We are the vastness to the mountains, we are the horizon to the sea. We are global and there is no end to our possibility. We are rugged and determined. We are forged from a fire of passion and grit; we are nurtured by adventure. We will not be denied. We celebrate our voices and our bodies: their strength, their power, their ability to move mountains or, at the very least, to climb them to the top. We are unique. We are individual. We are human. We don’t draw lines, because everyone defines their own,” No Man’s Land continues to champion women athletes, storytellers and creatives who find inspiration and motivation through adventure, sport and film.

Moving forward, NMLFF celebrates and uplifts gender diverse identities and is committed to creating a safe and inclusive space that champions the experiences of women, non-binary people, and trans men. Being inclusive requires more effort and understanding of social constructs in order to break them down and un-define what it means to be feminine in the outdoor arena.

While the name may sound exclusive, No Man’s Land encourages all genders to attend. Beyond the No Man’s Land’s mission, the films are a strong curation and representation of true outdoor adventure film.

Event film Rundown:

  • The Long Haul
  • Dani Burt
  • Lady First
  • Pedal Through
  • Surf Girls Jamaica
  • Accidental Activism
  • Superbloom